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Addiction Recovery – Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Your past does not define your future. Read that again and allow it to sink in.

We have moved passed the idea that your addictive past will define your entire future and we believe that the term “once an addict, always an addict” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Addiction recovery is the first step to take along the meaningful journey of rediscovery and allows us the opportunity to outgrow destructive habits as we cultivate a new way of life.

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You Are Not Defined by Your Past

Steve Maraboli, a well-known behavioural scientist once said: “We all make mistakes, have struggles and even regret things in our past. However, you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles and you are here NOW with the power to shape your day and your future.”

During addiction treatment, we are given the opportunity to take an honest look at the very nature of our addictions, where they originated from and why.

By gaining a complete understanding of how addiction became a part of your life and in which ways it affected you, you are given the power to truly transform from addict to recovering addict.

However, “recovering addict” is not the final destination on this introspective journey. In fact, it’s just the beginning – the first stepping stone towards a meaningful, enriching life.

Recovery is defined as “the action or process of regaining possession or control of something lost or stolen”. It is also defined as “a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength.”

These definitions, when combined can help us to see clearly that when you have recovered, you have recovered and there is no reason to believe that you will never be able to live a life beyond your addiction.

Recovery helps you reunite with the parts of you that you lost along they way, it helps you gently put back the pieces you thought were broken and helps you realise what you are capable of achieving anything you put your mind to.

Moreover, you are not only closing the door on substance abuse, you are opening many doors to fulfilment and a life of integrity and authenticity. And lets's not forget that when a door is closed, we are no longer exposed to what exists behind it.

Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Future – Addiction Can Never Be Who You are

It’s impossible for addiction to ever be a person. It is a thing that people do to cope with unspeakable pain. Allow yourself the grace that you need to accept this as part of life's greater purpose.

Therefore, refusing to let your past define you is a choice that you can make.

The social construct that places us inside the box of “100 days since I was an addict” could not be more destructive to this process of self-discovery or rediscovery.

Instead, we have the opportunity to replace this internal dialogue with “100 days of being the person I choose to be, of showing up for myself, of being present, of being grateful.”

These are the kinds of words we need to lovingly choose to use during the conversations we have with ourselves and the more we use these words, the more we will want to live a life that is in alignment with this sort of narrative.

If I Am No Longer an Addict, Who Will I be?

This is your chance to show up for yourself and carefully define exactly who want to be. Merely accepting “sober” is not enough.

You are now given the gift of a second chance and now is the time to reignite your deepest passions and to find your inner drive to achieve your wildest dreams.

Take the time to tap into your strengths and talents and begin to nurture them into something meaningful, whatever that may be to you. Turn your back on pre-defined expectations that do not belong to you and confidently define your own outcomes.

Through this you are able to identify all the possibilities that lie far beyond the challenges you may be faced with and you will find your place in a world where addiction no longer exists. Do not linger on the thought of “Who am I?” and place your focus on “who do I want to be”.

Any life you choose is within your reach and it’s of utmost importance that you tell yourself this, remind yourself of it and believe it wholeheartedly, without a single doubt in your mind.

What you believe with conviction becomes your reality and the only person who can choose this is you. Here and now, take your first step forward into this new space, the space you have created, and leave all that has been said and done behind you, where it belongs.

Step Away Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

Our recovery programmes are designed to not only to help heal past wounds, but to safely pave the way for a new life. Our team of professionals provide the ongoing support and guidance needed along the path towards recovery.

We focus on alcohol and drug addiction as well as dual-diagnosis treatment. For more information about our recovery programmes, contact us.

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