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The Undeniable Link Between Alcohol and Violence

There is an undeniable link between alcohol and violence. The pervasiveness of gender-based violence, femicide, child abuse and violent crimes has pointed back to the consumption of alcohol for many years.

In South Africa, violence against women and children is rampant but stringent by-laws around the sale and consumption of alcohol can help combat this unsettling issue.

alcohol and violent crime

Alcohol and Domestic Violence

Gender based violence is a reality that most women have come face to face with at some point in their lives and, according to the director of strategic partnerships at Sonke Gender Justice, 45% of men and 20% of women were found to be under the influence of alcohol during intimate partner violence incidents.

The reality is that alcohol facilitates risky behavior which often manifests in violent ways, yet it is freely available almost anywhere we go.

Therefore, when addressing serious issues such as femicide and other violent crimes in our country, we also need to address the laws which make alcohol so accessible.

In addition to increasing the prevalence of violence, alcohol consumption also makes our roads more dangerous – making fatal vehicle accidents more possible.

When we look at the negative impact that alcohol has on our society and the safety of women and children, it becomes obvious that something serious must be done to mitigate violence crimes and tragedies.

The regional representative for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime says that, on a global scale, 30% of deaths were caused by violence resulting from alcohol consumption. Other information indicates that one third of perpetrators consumed alcohol before carrying out acts of violence.

In some places, there is a culture of heavy drinking and wider availability of alcohol, making it more likely that violence will prevail in these areas or communities. It is these areas that require stricter regulations.

Step Away – Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

Alcohol abuse causes unthinkable damage to homes, relationships and livelihoods. It facilitates risky behavior and violence towards women and children.

We strongly believe that it is necessary for the government to make the link between alcohol regulations and violence prevention strategies.

With stricter regulations in place, many lives can be saved both now and into the distant future.

Our rehabilitation centre in South Africa offers both in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation programs with the highest level of care.

If you would like more information about our rehabilitation programs, please feel free to contact us.

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