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Hitting Rock Bottom - It's not the end, there is still hope

Hitting rock bottom is often associated with the idea that there is no hope left to turn things around for the better.

However, sometimes it’s necessary to reach this point in order to make the most important choice in your life – the one that leads you out of the dark.

Rock bottom is generally considered the moment where a person reaches a point where they believe that things could not possibly get worse. Some may feel they have nothing left to lose.

However, the concept of “what goes up, must come down” can easily be applied in reverse. Sometimes reaching the lowest possible point means the only direction left to go is upwards.

Hitting rock bottom - Rehabilitation centre South Africa

What is Rock Bottom?

There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to hitting rock bottom. This pivotal point can look different from person to person as we all have unique perceptions about what is good or bad.

To some, rock bottom may be losing a job, a marriage or even a home. Some may lose all of their friends and family to their alcohol and drug addiction.

All in all, rock bottom is one big wake-up call because in this moment, you are aware that your behaviour is destructive and hurtful and that it’s time to start a new life.

Hitting Rock Bottom - It's not the end of the road

There is often something powerful about hitting rock bottom – you experience true self-realisation. People begin to acknowledge their pain and some of the reasons why they have looked for comfort in substance abuse or other addictions.

The first rule to mending any issue is to acknowledge that it exists. Ignoring your pain, hurt or anger only perpetuates the cycle of addiction. Rock bottom is often an opportunity to admit to yourself that you are in pain and that it’s okay to seek help.

It’s at this point that you are also given the opportunity to start taking full responsibility for your life, your choices and your future. Being responsible is sometimes challenging but it’s even more empowering and empowered people have the ability to turn away from things that cause them harm.

Furthermore, hitting rock bottom fosters an attitude of gratitude because you have become extremely aware of how easy it is to lose absolutely everything. You no longer take anything for granted. There are many philosophies that believe that true happiness stems from gratefulness, not the other way around.

Every day is a new opportunity

However pivotal hitting rock bottom may be, there is as much hope in this very moment to make a change for the better.

There is no reason for anyone who is addicted to wait to reach rock bottom before they choose a path of addiction recovery. Each new day is a new opportunity to make better choices, no matter where you are in your addiction.

However, it’s important for you as well as your family and loved ones to remember that rock bottom isn’t the end of the road for you – there is always hope.

Step Away Rehabilitation Centre Port Elizabeth

We believe that acknowledging your pain and the behaviour it causes can provide a life-changing opportunity and is often the first step to addiction recovery.

Contact us, for more information about how we can help you through your recovery.

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