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15 Signs of an Addiction this Holiday Season

It’s the 1st of December, and a lot of us are relieved that in just a few days, we’ll be on holiday. Soon we’ll be relaxing in the sun, celebrating the fact that we made it through 2016 in one piece.

Unfortunately, the holiday season is a time that often sees drug addiction and alcoholism flaring up.

People with substance abuse problems, may end up drinking or using drugs more often to cope with the pressures and stress of this time of the year.

15 signs of an addiction this holdiay season

If you feel this happening to you and are concerned that you may have developed an addiction, ask yourself the following questions to see if you relate to any:

1. Do you use medication to get a buzz?

Do you take more than the recommended medication dose? Do you abuse medication to get you through holiday parties or family gatherings?

2. Do you try to keep you drinking or drugging a secret from others?

Are you ashamed of your drinking? Do you tell lies to keep your loved ones from knowing about your substance abuse? Are you worried about how you will still manage to drunk or high, while still having to attend holiday gatherings?

3. Have you engaged in “doctor shopping”?

Do you visit more than one doctor, to get more than one prescription for the same drug?

4. Do you steal medications from the bathroom cabinets or bags of friends or family members?

Have you ever tried to buy prescription drugs on the street or stolen them from a friend?

5. Does your drinking or drug use cause problems for you in your relationships?

Do you get into fights over broken promises, transgressions or unfulfilled obligations? Do you family and friends ever tell you that “you just aren’t the same anymore”?

Do your family and friends ever leave you out or not invite you to holiday gatherings because of your substance abuse?

6. Does your substance abuse have negative effects on your job performance?

Do you arrive late for work? Do you often miss work due to illness? Do you make mistakes that negatively affect yourself or your co-workers?

7. Have any of your loved ones ever told you that you have a substance abuse problem?

Has anyone ever confronted you directly about your substance abuse problem? Or that fact that there are ever-increasing problems in working or living with you?

Have any of your work colleagues explained to you that you won’t be invited to the office party, because of concerns of your alcohol or drug abuse?

8. Do you have a secret stash of drugs or alcohol that no one knows about?

Do you keep drugs or alcohol in your car or stashed away in your office somewhere? Have you planned to bring a flask or drug stash with to the next family gathering?

9. When drinking or drugging, do you ever blank out and have memory loss?

Are you concerned about attending family gatherings, because you are scared that you might act out or not remember what you did the next morning?

10. Do you regret your behaviour after drinking or drug use?

Do you ever act out of character due to drinking or drug use? Do you ever engage in inappropriate behaviours at holiday parties?

11. As Christmas approaches, do you feel guilty about your substance abuse?

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions to drink less? Or to quit using drugs? Do you feel guilty about your behaviours while drinking or using drugs?

12. Do you keep wanting to quit drinking or using drugs but just can’t seem to get it, right?

Have you made plans to quit drinking or using drugs as soon as the holidays are over? Is getting sober something that you are always planning, something you’ll do next weekend or the weekend after that?

13. Have you quit before, but shortly after, started again?

Are you a repeat quitter?

Do you only manage to make it through a day or week without having a drink? Or do you find yourself justifying your drinking habits?

14. As law official’s crackdown, does it worry you that you may get caught drinking and driving this holiday season?

Do you drink and drive? How often do you drink and drive? Do you drink and drive with others in the car?

15. When you drink, or use drugs, do you ever end up sleeping with strangers, or end up in you having unprotected sex?

Do you ever not remember who it was you had sex with the night before? Do you ever hook up with people at holiday parties after drinking or using drugs?

Step Away Rehabilitation Centre South Africa

It is possible to manifest some of these signs without being an addict. However, if you answer one or more of the above as true, there is a good chance you may be struggling with substance abuse.

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of sobriety and contact us. We can help you, we’ve been where you are today.

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