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Our Vision & Mission for 2016 - Rehab South Africa


This year our vision is routed in love, justice and trust, a respect for the dignity of life and a spirit of building hope together.

At Step Away Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, we are partners with people, especially the vulnerable who are stranded in the grips of alcoholism and drug addiction.

We strive to help them achieve their full human potential, providing them with the necessary support and guidance.

By doing so, we aim to enable development and the manifestation of a hopeful future for all.

Drug rehab South Africa 


At Step Away Addiction Treatment Centre our passion, superior outcomes and persistent advocacy for people in need of recovery from drug and alcohol dependency, inspires the investment and confidence of clients, their loved ones together with influencing community decisions to make recovery possible.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality in rehabilitation health care services.

Our mission is to provide effective addiction rehabilitation care for all patients, regardless of race, religious preferences, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.

We will continue to develop our rehabilitation treatment strategy by engaging in addiction research, development, and teaching programs to improve our addiction treatment programme, and inevitably decrease substance dependency, through further knowledge and understanding of the disease, its different mechanisms and its various causes.

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