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Have Faith in your Drug Rehab South Africa

Step Away Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centre is open to any persons wanting to live free from substance dependency.

Our approach to treating drug addiction and alcohol abuse is tolerant of any religion, race, gender and sexuality.

Spot the difference in rehab 

When entering our addiction treatment program it is not expected of you to have a particular religious faith and your recovery will not be based on your religious beliefs.

Most importantly our recovery treatment program does not depend on you having a particular or any religious belief.

What we believe in

We strongly believe in addressing addiction holistically and therefore we place more importance on addressing the issues leading to your addiction.

Frequently addiction is oversimplified instead of recognising that substance abuse problems are often more complex.

It is therefore imperative that addiction intervention and treatment is multi-modal and individualised to address each patient’s particular pattern of abuse.

When treating chemical dependency the treatment approach should be multifaceted as it is a psycho-social disorder that is likely to become a family disease.

Religion vs Therapy

When looking at therapy vs religion – Religion may provide you with personal guidance and support, while therapy relies upon you coming to terms with your addiction. Blaming spiritual forces may not help you deal with the addiction recovery process.

We encourage a more personalised spirituality and do not neglect the necessity for spirituality in treatment.

However spirituality does not imply devotion to a set of religious beliefs, it refers to a much broader concept:

  • A relationship with a higher power even if you find this in yourself.
  • Often addiction causes people to lose touch with themselves and what is important to them - consequently a vital aspect of addiction recovery is learning about yourself and connecting with yourself again.
  • Having faith in yourself and understanding your inner strength and the power you hold over your situation.
  • Identifying with moral principles to which you are committed.

In order to treat addiction successfully we have designed an intervention and treatment programme that includes the following:

We do not judge you - we have been there ourselves

When people enter an addiction treatment programme they often feel demoralised and deeply ashamed, an emotional state that certain religious rehabs encourage. Religious terminology has been used to stereotype addictive behaviour as sinful and evil, adding an unnecessary dimension to an addict’s damaged self-image and self-loathing.

We combat these feelings by offering our patients a safe non-judgmental environment – one where they feel safe enough to open up and speak honestly about their issues regarding their addiction.

This type of environment is supported by the introduction of responsibilities and obligations to your own recovery.

Empowerment vs punishment

Physical punishment and discipline hold no place in our addiction rehabilitation centre.

A healthy recovery can only be achieved through empowerment and encouragement – NOT through fear, anxiety and demeaning punishments.

Addiction has been scientifically categorised as a brain disease and therefore should be treated with care regardless of the negative stigma attached to addicts.

For more information on how we can help you and your addiction recovery please contact us.

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