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My enemy, my one true love.

You and your life matter.

We all have a story about the first time we used, drank or used and drank.
Back then we chose to use.
Back then we chose to drink.
But we also have a time in our lives when that all changed and we could no longer choose.

We are called addicts.
But we are more than addicts, we are people.
We love. We care. We feel. We fail.

Addiction takes this away from us.
Our freedom of choice.
Our ability to feel.
We selfishly only care for our one true love.


A civil war.
Addiction nestles comfortably between love and hate.
A romantic affair that leaves you isolated.

It tries to take our humility away from us.
You unknowingly desert your inner-being, that bit that makes you YOU!

We are people.
We are good people.

We deserve good things.
We deserve love and life.

Choosing to live a sober life is terrifying.
Will I be the same person?
Will I hate this person?
Will this person hate me?

Sobriety promises you reality.
It promises the unearthing of ugly truths.
It promises you discomfort.

But it also promises transformation.
A new light where it was once dark.
It gives you back a life.

A life where you want to matter.
A life where you want to care.
A life where you want to feel.

It gives you back control.
It gives you back self-worth.

It gives you back your dignity.

- Anonymous

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