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Are you feeling yourself without your meds?

Prescription drug abuse can be defined as taking medication differently to how you were instructed in order to feel the pleasurable effects or a “high” or to avoid the unpleasant side-effects of not taking the drug.

For example this could be taking your prescribed Ambien three or four times a day instead of the prescribed frequency and duration.

It’s important to be conscious of the long-term effects that continued prescription medication abuse can have on your body and overall quality of life.

Very often this type of addiction goes ignored as the negative effects on your body are not immediate or obvious unlike the effects from using illegal drugs such as heroin.

However prolonged abuse of prescription medication can have harmful effects both mentally and physically.

Effects of prescription drug abuse on cognitive functioning:

  • Evident change in mood when prescription drug is consumed.
  • Mood swings consistent with the availability or absence of drug.
  • Increase in irritability and anxiety, especially when prescription drug is absent.
  • Disruption and change in sleep patterns linked to consumption or lack of consumption of prescription drugs.

Physical long-term effects of prescription medication abuse:

  • Building a tolerance to the medication resulting in the need to take more of the drug to experience its effects leading to physical dependence.
  • The development of emotional addiction and cravings begin to control your life.
  • You begin to experience withdrawal symptoms when you do not have the drug.
  • Increased intake of medication will affect your mental health with symptoms such as paranoia and depression
  • Prolonged usage leads to a decrease in cognitive function and overall reduction in thought processing.
  • Medication abuse will lead to organ damage and failure, particularly to your kidneys and liver.

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