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Instant Gratification - alcohol and drug abuse vulnerability

Experimentation during adolescence is normal; there are a number of changes that people have to adjust to. Teens explore their new interests, discover new social structures and adapt to some new physical changes.

Throughout the years of transition there is a greater vulnerability to addiction because of the social changes youth face and the development stages their brains go through.

These stages involve the development of the parts of the brain which are responsible for impulse control and decision-making, including parts which regulate instant gratification and emotional expression.

Instant gratification is a personality variable, it involves the desire to experience pleasure without delay.

Addiction and instant gratification are closely related, with addicts and alcoholics always craving an instant or artificial reward in order to relieve their brains and bodies.

Addicted to the immediate relief that substance abuse provides, addicts are pulled in by the ability to self-medicate and escape from reality whenever they desire.

When people dabble with alcohol and illicit substances from a young age they increase their chances of substance addiction immensely.

Our treatment & rehabilitation centre in Port Elizabeth aims to help educate people so that they are able to make better informed decisions about alcohol and drug abuse.

Your life is the result of the choices you make, if you don’t like your life it is time to start making better choices.

At Step Away we can help you with your journey to recovery and finding a better sober life, free from the slavery of addiction and the misery that comes with it.


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