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Say NO to Slavery

Every person experiences and travels a different road to addiction; peer pressure and bullying, negative upbringings, or even older siblings.

There are ample reasons out there explaining why we are steadily losing the battle against drugs.

Religion, culture and or strong family or personal morals deter many individuals at first from experimenting with substances.

Nonetheless it all starts where there is no use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

As you get older you are constantly exposed to various social activities, alcohol and drugs become less taboo and more interesting in many cases.

Generally this is because of peer pressure, rebellion, and teens with newly found self-awareness and their need to “aware” themselves through experimentation.

Individuals also use substances in order to enhance an already usually pleasurable experience.

Addiction by its very nature is a form of bondage; it is a slippery slope with false safety nets.

Starting to experiment with alcohol or other drugs in order to see what their effects are or so that other will think you ‘cool’, will leave you with the supplementary experience of the usual problems associated with the use of that substance.

You will experience hangovers, get in trouble at home, work or school, you may over-spend and run into financial difficulties, and quite often lowered inhibitions lead to you making silly mistakes and having a lot of regrets.

Then you begin to use the substances more frequently and they begins to interfere with major areas in your life such as family, parents, legal issues, money, friends, school, work, and leisure.

It goes from a something you used to enhance a once easily pleasurable situation to being the only objective on your mind each time you drink, socialise, go out at night, or experience stressful times.

Using substances becomes a way of life for you at this stage, you continue to use despite the frequently occurring negative consequences.

And very often the choice to use or not is now not even an option.

But it is never too late, recognising that you have a problem and reaching out for help is always an option.

The road to recovery should never be walked alone.

Step Away is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment centre, we make the choice for a better life available to you again.

Contact Step Away to say no to slavery, and say no to addiction.

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