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Tripping may trigger a complete nervous breakdown

The human brain is extremely complex; because it is so delicate and fragile the slightest variation in chemical levels, process or structure has the potential to completely rearrange an individual’s persona, mental reasoning and understanding and in essence cause psychotic behaviour or episodes.

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide commonly known as LSD or acid is a psychedelic drug. This illegal substance, although non-addictive and found to cause no harm to the brain, can lead to acute psychotic reactions such as anxiety, paranoia and delusions.

After ingesting LSD your ability to make sensible decisions and see common dangers is compromised. After effects of LSD can be scary, users often experience flashback relapses days, weeks, months or even years later. Relapses occur suddenly, often without warning, typically in people who use hallucinogens regularly or have an underlying personality problem.

The overall experience of taking LSD can be mentally, emotionally and physically demanding, this could leave the user suffering from anxiety or depression for a few days afterwards. The possibility of having a bad trip or a relapse is only a fragment of the negatives of taking LSD, long-lasting psychoses, such as schizophrenia or severe depression have been observed in many LSD usage cases.

Individuals predisposed to psychosis, psychotic or schizophrenic disorders are at high risk when it comes to taking LSD, these disorders frequently manifest in the late teens or early twenties, coincidentally round about the same age that usage of LSD is most common.

Individuals with a family history of mental disorders should be exceptionally careful when using Acid, as it has been known to trigger these dormant psychological problems.

Substance abusers using antidepressants such as lithium or tricyclic antidepressants are also at high risk of psychosis as their chemical balances are disrupted. Some cases have been reported of individuals experiencing seizures after ingesting the combination. Users have reported having a hallucinogenic reaction that is not akin to that of the normal ‘trip’, users often find themselves being unable to communicate, experiencing uncharacteristic violent rages and blackouts.

There has however been positive effects recorded; LSD has been used to treat cluster headaches. Reports from users who suffer from cluster headaches note that there is almost complete blocking of the painful after using LSD, psilocybin, and related compounds. However the drug is administered by a professional and the treatment is done under guided supervision.

Although LSD is a drug that is known for its less addictive nature, the possible negative effects paint a very risky picture.

If you or anyone you know has a substance abuse problem, Step Away drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is only a phone call away. We offer meetings, treatment and sessions and address drug addiction with a holistic approach.

Drugs are taken for different reasons, in many cases peer pressure plays a big part, and for others the intention is to escape reality.

Both of these reasons have serious after effects, some leading to addiction and some leading to serious psychological and mental disturbances.

In the next article we will be exploring the different reasoning behind drug use and how people fall victim to this vicious disorder usually without even being aware of it.

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