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Step Away Treatment Centre – Where Aftercare is Not Just an Afterthought

What Happens After Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment?

While in treatment, patients are assisted and nurtured into drug addiction and alcohol dependency recovery, usually assisted by medication for the initial drug and alcohol withdrawal and in the days that follow, the addiction medication is progressively reduced with the ultimate goal of stopping altogether.

We at Step Away Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre understand the fear of leaving the rehabilitation centre once treatment comes to an end. Facing the world again can be a daunting task as there is a tendency to view it as it was before coming into treatment.

But new ways of coping without substance abuse must be learnt and this takes far longer than the actual rehabilitation programme. For lifelong recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction, aftercare and support is absolutely critical.

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Step Away Treatment Aftercare Sessions

We at Step Away understand first-hand how difficult it is to maintain sobriety as we attempt to find a new way of coping going back into the way "life was", remembering the fact that patients have changed while everything else has remained the same.

The same triggers, same environment, same job, same family, and same friends of whom some have been identified as toxic and have to be avoided at all costs.

This is where Step Away Aftercare comes into play as a vital part of the drug and alcohol recovery process.

Patients are encouraged to come back for at least two sessions within the first month of exiting the Rehabilition Centre and at least once a month for the next three months that follow.

During these one-on-one sessions ex- patients have a chance to discuss any difficulties they may be encountering in a life without substance abuse.

Counselor and patient can then discuss these difficulties and explore the best possible coping mechanism and follow through until implemented.

Step Away Treatment Aftercare Support Groups

Besides the Step Away recommendation that the clients attend as many Support Groups as possible such as AA & NA , ex-patients also have the opportunity to stay linked with Step Away Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre by attending our own unique Aftercare Support Group where an ex-patients ONLY group can safely share their progress and experiences with fellow ex-patients.

The benefit of this closed recovery group also has a huge impact on patients still in treatment as they can associate with recovering substance abusers and witness that substance dependency recovery is possible.

Friendships are formed and a sense of belonging reinforced via acceptance from other ex-patients.

Touching base with the Treatment Centre is a reassuring "safe place" in recovery as the ex-patient has a sure feeling of being understood and importantly is in a safe environment to share freely.

CODA (Co Dependency Anonymous)

Co Dependency is often "if not always" associated with addiction and dependency.

Family and loved ones have the opportunity to attend a Coda Support Group at the same time as Step Away Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre's Client Support Group Meetings held every second week.

We at Step Away find by running the two separate Support Groups on the same evening allows family and loved ones to become part of the recovery process by trying (through others) to get to better understand the nature of the disease of dependency and addiction.

More importantly, however, the meetings help to best understand how to handle the spouse or loved one now in recovery. "Walking on Eggshells" may not be conducive to recovery and over caring may be just as harmful!

What do I do? How do I act? What must I say? Are just some of the questions that will be answered in these CODA meetings.

Step Away - Addiction Rehabilitation Centre South Africa

At Step Away, we provide high-quality in-patient care but also place a lot of emphasis on aftercare. We pride ourselves in offering ongoing support for ex-patients and encourage everyone to take part in both one on one and group sessions.

Contact us to find out more about our programs.

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