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My philosophy in life is that everyone deserves a second chance

When dealing with substance dependency it is clear that it will require hard work and a thorough understanding of the process of recovery.  

My faith in humanity that we all want to do what is morally right has inspired me to venture into this field of counseling and assist those with the desire to break free from substance dependency.

In today's world it has become increasing difficult to cope with all the initiators of substance dependency.  

Easy access, peer pressure, environment, unemployment, sustainability pressure as well as dysfunctional family systems, to name but a few.

Simply stopping or abstaining whilst in a program is not nearly enough, the difficulty comes in when leaving the alcohol and addiction treatment and rehabilitation centre and this is where I feel the client needs a solid base of reference in order to initiate the newly learned coping skills to deal with life on life's terms in a balanced lifestyle.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Thought - Emotion- Behavioral process (CBT), combined with Person Centered Therapy (where the clients are at this specific time in his/her life) Together these two approaches I find have shown successful results.

My own personal experience with substance dependency has given me an added advantage in this field of counseling, allowing me to have a sound knowledge of where the clients are upon entering treatment.  

Rapport being less stressful and easily acquired, allowing for immediate acceptance in order for successful recovery to begin.

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