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Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Programmes

Step Away is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa, we address alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment holistically.

We offer a well-structured rehabilitation programme that is all-encompassing and supports the individual patient with the best professional addiction recovery programme possible.

Our addiction recovery programmes cater to both men and women over the age of 18, with Step Away being one of the few rehabilitation centres to accept both genders.

What goes up, must come down - Cocaine addiction treatment


 Information on substance abuse, the different types of substance abuse drugs and the effects they have on their user is not always easily available.

Counseling and Step Away Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol and drug addiction counseling plays an important role when it comes to achieving success in a rehabilitation center.

Denial and its role in drug addiction and alcohol dependency and substance abuse help

Denial is a feature of any substance dependency, and although a commonly used term it is much misunderstood.

My philosophy in life is that everyone deserves a second chance

When dealing with substance dependency it is clear that it will require hard work and a thorough understanding of the process of recovery.

My faith in humanity that we all want to do what is morally right has inspired me to venture into this field of counseling and assist those with the desire to break free from substance dependency.


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