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Rehab South Africa - Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centre

Step Away is an alcohol and drug rehab centre in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape (Nelson Mandela Bay), South Africa.
We are fully licensed by the Department of Health and Social Development.

Alcohol Abuse & Drug Abuse

Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre, provides holistic addiction assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of all forms of substance dependency. Holistic addiction treatment involves addressing all spheres of one’s life, which entails the initiation of emotional, cognitive and physical and spiritual healing. Stepaway will seek to help you move on from your past and understand how to deal with it and look to the future. We encourage you to enquire about our drug abuse and addiction treatments, and to book your stay at our rehab treatment centre.

Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa

If you are looking for rehabilitation centres in Pretoria, or elsewhere in South Africa, think again. Consider visiting our rehab centre in Port Elizabeth, a break from your current environment and its possible negative influences may be just what you need. And being in Port Elizabeth, probably makes us one of the more affordable rehab centers in South Africa. Increasingly, for patients from the UK and Europe, our South African rehab is becoming a much cheaper and more effective alternative to rehabs in other locations.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery in South Africa

As one of the newest, most modern rehabs in South Africa, we are determined to help people make a change for the better, without imposing dogma or judging you. Alcohol and drug dependency is a disease from which you can recover. Our residential addiction treatment centre, gives patients the chance to change their lives by helping them to make better choices. We do this by empowering our patients with knowledge, giving them a better understanding of their dependency, their emotions and how to manage both.


Rehabilitation Centre & Addiction Counseling Therapies



Causes of Addiction – Circle of Influence & Circle of Concern


There are no real identifiable causes of addiction, but there are many factors that we are exposed to on a daily basis which may contribute towards the development of an addiction.

Whether internal or external, every person has a set of concerns that they find themselves head to head with on a daily basis.

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Addiction Recovery – Your Past Does Not Define Your Future


Your past does not define your future. Read that again and allow it to sink in.

We have moved passed the idea that your addictive past will define your entire future and we believe that the term “once an addict, always an addict” couldn’t be further from the truth.

Addiction recovery is the first step to take along the meaningful journey of rediscovery and allows us the opportunity to outgrow destructive habits as we cultivate a new way of life.

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Relapse Prevention – Relapse is a Process and it Does Not Mean Failure


Relapse – a term feared by many individuals who are both dealing with or affected by addiction. However, by understanding that relapse is a process and not an overnight event, it becomes clear that relapse prevention is entirely possible.

The common consensus is that relapse is a normal part of the recovery process, especially during early stages.

This may be true, but it also does not have to be inevitable. The reason we work hard with those in recovery to avoid relapsing, is because the potential effects can be severe.

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Aftercare and relapse prevention

Addiction Aftercare

What happens after your addiction treatment is just as important

Often, the real test only occurs after addiction treatment has been completed. What happens when people in recovery are put back into the same situation, with the same influences and stressors?

We consider the reality of relapse and therefore include a number of relapse prevention techniques in our treatment programme, as well as encourage patients to attend our weekly group meetings.

Aftercare and relapse prevention entails learning new coping strategies aimed at equipping recovering addicts with the skills needed to help maintain their life of sobriety and minimise their risk of relapse.

Addiction recovery is possible, we also started where you are today.


Family & Co-dependency Therapy

Family & Co-dependent Therapy

'No man is an island unto himself.'

The devastating effects of substance abuse and dependency are felt by friends and especially family. They should not be excluded in the treatment.

Even harder to accept is the fact that family can often be part of the problem, and so we need to help make family part of the solution.

Step Away provides help and advice on substance abuse problems, drug addiction, codependency, alcoholism and other addictions.

Find help for friends and family with cocaine addiction, addictions to crystal meth (tik), heroin, crack cocaine and other drugs, substance abuse such as with marijuana (Dagga), ecstasy (MDMA) as well as alcohol, and addictions to prescription drugs. Find support for dependency on over-the-counter-drugs..


Rehab Programs for Alcohol Abuse and Drug Addiction

Step Away - Port Elizabeth drug and alcohol treatment programs run for 21 days. Any form of substance dependency needs to be treated with a well structured rehab programme that is all-encompassing and supports the individual client with the best professional recovery program possible.

We have a holistic approach to alcohol and drug abuse treatment, addressing the client's mental, physical and spiritual needs. When more than one substance addiction is identified it is dealt with concurrently with the substance dependency.

Our alcoholism treatment program and drug addiction treatment program includes the services of an experienced psychiatrist, medical doctor, drug counseling psychologist, nursing sister, drug addiction and alcohol dependency recovery counselor, social worker, dietician, and occupational therapist.

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