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Step Away | Alcohol Rehab South Africa | Drug Rehab South Africa

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

  • It is important to understand that alcoholism is a chronic disease; it is in no way a lack of willpower or weakness. 
  • Treating alcoholism necessitates support and guidance from trained individuals.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

  • Cocaine addiction can have devastating results for both the addict and their loved ones.
  • Step Away provides our patients with the services of fully qualified and experienced professionals.

Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment

  • Crack Cocaine is the most addictive form of cocaine.
  • Step Away offers addiction detoxification treatment which is tailored especially to an individuals needs.

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment

  • Commonly known in South Africa as Tik, is one of the most widely abused and addictive substances.
  • Methamphetamine addiction treatment and rehabilitation is possible.

Prescription Medication Addiction Treatment

  • Prescription medication addiction is the most poorly recognized form of substance addiction and affects more people than you may be aware of.
  • People abuse prescription medication without realizing that they are developing a drug abuse habit.

Heroin Addiction Treatment

  • Addiction should be approached holistically helping addicts learn to address their issues rather than avoid them.
  • Your addiction does not define your future.

CAT Addiction Treatment

  • It has been linked to the party and rave scene however it is used by professionals needing extra energy and work enthusiasm and by students needing to study and concentrate for long hours.
  • Kat is psychologically highly addictive, individuals lose their ability to feel empathy or sympathy, they lose self-worth and direction and often become distant and removed.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

  • Marijuana dependence develops in about 9 to 10% of users.
  • The ill effects of Marijuana may be controversial, however irrespective of whether Marijuana is bad for you or not, the fact remains that there are many people out there that struggle with weed dependency to a greater or lesser extent.

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Depression after addiction - Am I depressed because I was addicted?


Choosing the path of addiction recovery is the best thing an addicted person can do for themselves. However, many recovering addicts experience depression after addiction which may bring some extra challenges to the journey of recovery.

Depression can bring feelings of hopelessness and can have an impact on a person’s motivation to achieve sobriety.

This state of mind can be as a result of circumstances which took place before or after substance and alcohol abuse and is determined by various factors.

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