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The Benefits & Importance of Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Nutrition and addiction recovery work hand in hand as a successful journey towards sobriety depends largely on a healthy body and mind.

Many people who suffer from addiction are more prone to malnourishment and various deficiencies which can cause major illness and other unwanted, physical side-effects.

nutrition and addiction

Nutrition and Addiction

In order to carry out its functions, the body needs a range of vitamins, minerals, macro and micronutrients.

When we deprive our bodies of these things, we inhibit its ability to absorb any other nutrients that we may consume - resulting in impaired bodily functions.

Long term drug and alcohol abuse does significant damage to the internal organs which are responsible for keeping us healthy and alive.

When these organs are deprived of the fuel they need to get us through the day, they become weak and the results can be serious.

Using Nutrition as Part of Recovery

The symptoms of malnourishment can vary in severity but can include feelings of depression and anxiety as well as low energy levels.

Dehydration, muscle weakness and extreme weight loss are also potential effects of malnourishment.

It’s easy to see why lack of nutrition can be hugely detrimental for someone who is in the process of recovery as the symptoms experienced may have the potential to exacerbate the risk of relapse.

Recovering from Addiction

When embarking on the journey of sobriety, especially after years of substance abuse, our bodies will require time to repair itself from the damage caused by addiction.

Following a highly nutritious eating plan will help the body and brain repair and recover, which may speed up the process while also minimising negative symptoms.

Benefits of Nutrition During Addiction Recovery

There are numerous physical, mental and emotional benefits of a nutritious diet during addiction recovery:

  • Stronger immune system which helps fight off infections
  • Damaged tissue and organs are repaired and restored
  • Restoration of the different systems in the body such as nervous and digestive systems
  • Improves the body’s ability to recover from sickness
  • Energy levels are increased
  • Overall mood is improved
  • Mental clarity, memory and focus are enhanced
  • Improves sleeping patterns

When all of these areas are improved, a successful recovery from addiction becomes possible.

Step Away – Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Port Elizabeth

It’s impossible to deny that nutrition and addiction recovery work as a team towards achieving sobriety.

For more information about the importance of nutrition during recovery, or to learn more about our programmes, please contact us.

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