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The short and long-term side effects of alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse has many devastating effects on everyone who is involved; the individual, their family, friends and even strangers.

These effects leave a deep imprint in the lives of people and can be extremely traumatic. The experiences people have which are related to alcoholism are very seldom positive and can cause ripples that travel far into the future.

Codependency - Don't let it tear your family apart

Addiction is the addict’s disease; co-dependency is the family’s disorder.

In the last article we discussed enabling an addict and briefly touched on the overlapping likelihood of an addict’s family’s needing co-dependency recovery.

In this article we will be exploring co-dependency and detachment with love.

Make the right decision, help your loved one - Damaging effects of alcohol abuse on your brain

We aim to help inform people about the dangers of alcohol abuse, knowing just some of the risks associated with long-term alcohol abuse may help you help yourself or could save the life of a loved one.

Addressing alcoholism can be a sensitive subject, most people drink and many of them enjoy a few too many drinks every now and again.

It's difficult to define an alcoholic, as many of them are functioning and appear to be coping with everyday life duties and struggles.


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