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Season’s Greetings from our Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

Step Away Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa would like to extend season’s greetings and warm wishes for the festive season to everyone who has made all we have accomplished in 2018 possible.

Although this year has been a rollercoaster of a ride, we have made it to the end and are proud to be here, standing tall with our extended Step Away family.

We would like to say a very special thank you to each and every one of our wonderful members of staff for their continued dedication and contribution throughout the year.

Without our valued staff, this work would be impossible and we are proud to have them on our team while we strive to make a significant difference in the lives of people who need it the most.

Step Away Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa

For our beloved clients who have chosen us to help them along their path to addiction recovery, who have come and gone and who are still with us today, we would like to let you know that we are proud of you and everything you have achieved.

We wish you and your loved ones a safe festive season and a wonderful new year. May you allow yourself to begin the year with a clean slate, leaving the old behind you and may the new year bring you an abundance of growth and success in all their forms.

We know and understand that the festive season comes with continuous celebrations which can bring a lot of pressure to anyone who is in recovery.

However, we encourage you to remember how far you have come and that if you stay focused you will only go further. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

Remember that we are always here to provide you with support, so please make contact with us if you are struggling to cope with the festive season pressures.

Step Away Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa – Season’s Greetings and a happy new year

Step Away Rehabilitation centre in South Africa strives to be the best rehab in the country by providing compassionate recovery programmes and on-going post treatment support. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

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