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Escapism an appealing “substitute”, but is it really the wisest choice?

Reasons for Escapism

Often, we overlook the true impact of our emotions. We forget that our emotions are the things that drive us, whether it’s happiness, sadness, fear or anger.

We overlook the significance of our emotions, refusing to recognise why we felt that way or how that negative experience and its attached feeling has impacted our lives.

Because of this, we are never able to fully seek closure on a negative experience, allowing that experience to ripple out, inevitably affecting our lives for years to come.

Escapism - addiction

By not allowing ourselves to feel or by avoiding our emotions, we build up years of resentment, hate and discomfort.

The problem is, when our emotions are out of balance, so is our thinking and behaviour. And when we cannot balance our feelings and thinking, our life and relationships begin to show it.

Unfortunately, many of us turn to escapism, an attempt at comforting ourselves with a sense of gratification.

But even though escapism is an appealing “substitute”, is it really the wisest choice?

Escapism, why it’s so attractive to addicts?

For many, escapism comes in various shapes and forms, some people take up exercise, others immerse themselves in work, some binge eat and others may diet excessively.

But for thousands of people around the world, escapism comes in the form of substance abuse.

Being intoxicated or high ‘helps’ you forget about your problems for a short while.

For that short time all of your problems disappear, your stresses at work fade away, your insecurities lighten, and that negative memory is finally forgotten.

In all honesty, who wouldn’t want to escape for just a little while?

But what happens when we sober up and have to face our demons again, except now we have a hangover? What happens when our ‘come down’ plummets us so far below where we were, it’s hard to even face the day?

You see, we often forget about the reality that is escapism.

Escapism is a quick, easy solution that normally pushes us even further from our chances at happiness.

The True Reality of Escapism

There is no denying that drugs and alcohol impact the functioning of our brains, I mean, that’s why people take drugs and drink alcohol to begin with.

But after a night of attempting to escape reality, what are the actual effects on your brain?

Did you know that alcohol is ultimately a depressant? Some may argue that this is only true when alcohol is consumed at high levels on regular basis for a long period of time, but then, isn’t that what us ‘escapists’ do?

Additionally, did you know that after consuming drugs, your brain is not only ‘fried and overworked’ but it is also completely emptied out of its entire dopamine supply?

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is the chemical in your brain that encourages you to strive for things, it’s the chemical responsible for reward-driven behaviour and your pleasure seeking in life.

After a night of drug consumption, it can take up to 90 days or 3 months for your brain to replenish its dopamine.

That means if you’re drinking and drugging, which most are, the chances of you feeling better about life than before you abused substances, are pretty low.

leading us to do things we normally wouldn’t dare do.

Step Away Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre South Africa

There is a strong connection between addiction and our compulsive desire to alter, avoid, deny and escape reality.

Personal responsibility, an essential part of accepting reality and adulthood, is typically avoided by addicts. And this bad habit must be changed if addiction recovery and sobriety is to succeed.

At Step Away, we believe in holistic addiction treatment, meaning we help and guide you to address the issues that brought you to us.

Set in a beautiful, tranquil environment, we work hand-in-hand with our patients, enabling them to share past hurt and pain in a safe and structured space.

If you would like us to help you or one of your loved ones, please contact us.

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