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New home for Alcohol & Drug Rehab South Africa

We are happy to announce that we have moved to new premises.

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre can now be found at no.24 Old Seaview Road, Chelsea, Port Elizabeth.

Drug Rehab Port Elizabeth 

This exciting move is the beginning of new journey, a new start.

The new property is 4.8 ha and is situated on the tranquil slopes of the Seaview hills.

The rehabilitation centre has 6 beautifully sized bedrooms, an art studio, and a swimming pool.

Maintaining our Quality Addiction Treatment

We will maintain our current 15 client capacity, as we are currently optimally staffed to ensure that each of our client’s needs are met at any given time and can still be maintained through staff rotation and during staff illness and vacation periods.

Privacy is now ideal and access to outside influences will be reduced by 80% providing a far safer environment for all.

Our new facility is peaceful and overflowing with future potential growth and annex possibilities.

Step Away Alcohol and Drug Rehab South Africa

To view the rest of the property please see our gallery.

For more information please contact us.

    Posted @ 12/9/2015 4:44 PM by Robin   
    Robin's avatar

    Hi all. The new place looks stunning. 2 years ago I was in rehab when it was still in Richmond hill. I just want to thank Wayne and Sandra for everything they did for me to get me sober and keep me sober. I had been to numerous other rehabs over the years and none of them gave me the treatment (councelling and tools) for recovery as I recieved from them. The aftercare was the most important for me as I was not left to my own devices when I left the treatment centre. There are meetings one can attend or just pop in or call if you needed assistance. It is the best place I could have gone to and would highly recommend treatment at Step Away Treatment Centre. I would like to urge those still suffering from the illness of addiction to take one small step and give recovery a go at Step Away. I would like to wish all invloved with the centre happy sober festive season. And all the best at the new place. Thanx

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