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Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Programmes

Step Away is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in South Africa, we address alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment holistically.

We offer a well-structured rehabilitation programme that is all-encompassing and supports the individual patient with the best professional addiction recovery programme possible.

Our addiction recovery programmes cater to both men and women over the age of 18, with Step Away being one of the few rehabilitation centres to accept both genders.

Addressing the client's mental, physical and spiritual needs is crucial throughout the addiction recovery process, especially when more than one substance addiction is identified.

These needs are dealt with simultaneously along with the substance dependency in order to address the deeper sometimes sub-conscious core issues leading to the admittance in the rehab centre and to later prevent possible addiction relapse.

Our team of staff comprises of an experienced psychiatrist, medical doctor, drug counselling psychologist, nursing sister, drug addiction and alcohol dependency recovery counsellor, social worker, dietician, and occupational therapist.

All of which will assist you in your journey to recovery through our different drug addiction treatment programmes and alcoholism programmes.

At Step Away we run 3 types of addiction treatment programmes.

21 day addiction treatment programmes

Our 21-day alcohol & drug rehab programme is intensive, it focuses on patients and who require short term intervention and is purposely designed for those who need to return to work after a three week period.

60 and 90 day addiction rehabilitation programmes

Our 60-day and 90-day programme follow the same philosophy and overall structure as the 21-day programme, but provides the patient and staff with the opportunity of working with a broader deeper range of issues.

These programmes are especially effective when addressing long-term substance dependency.

The purpose is to uncover the underlying reasons for the addiction and issues surrounding it.

They aim to help the individual deal with these issues conscientiously through developing and strengthening their coping mechanisms and interpersonal skills.

Our integrated approach ensures that optimal individual development is achieved and the possibility of relapse is decreased.

At the addiction treatment centre we employ only the most capable and experienced professionals that maintain a high standard of work ethics and integrity.

We uphold a strict code of patient confidentiality and best practice.

Your life is the result of the choices you make, if you don’t like your life it is time to start making better choices.

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