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Rehab Centre speaks out about Peer Pressure amongst adults

It is widely believed that peer pressure amongst friends is only experienced during adolescence. However, it is very much present amongst adults.

Those who were susceptible to peer pressure during and towards the end of their teenage years are more likely to fall victim to the very subtle pressure from their peers in adulthood.

It is important to know that there is negative peer pressure as well as positive peer pressure.

Peer Pressure - Rehab South Africa

Negative peer pressure experienced in adulthood can be directly linked to many intrapersonal issues such as addiction.

People who are addicted, do not like to live alone in their addiction and will find anyone who they see may enjoy similar pleasures and will encourage them to over-indulge in these activities.

In these cases, quitting one’s bad habits becomes much harder to do because it is made to appear less harmful when there are others involved.

How to identify negative peer pressure as an adult

It isn’t always a very obvious type of pressure and can easily be mistaken for “encouraging you to have a little fun”.

These are just a few warning signs that you are being pressurised by your peers:


  • - If you crack open your first beer for the day at 9am because your friend has told you that you’re a “wet-blanket” for not joining in on the festivities.
  • - You have just bought yourself a brand-new car that you cannot afford because your friends bought themselves one just the other day.
  • - If, even for one minute, your friends make you feel isolated or ostracised for wanting to do what is in your own best interest.
  • - If you find yourself doing or saying things that you are uncomfortable with.


How does adult peer pressure affect you?

Ultimately, submitting to peer pressure will increase your inability to resist future pressure and this will take a toll on your self-esteem.

A lack of self-esteem will further encourage poor decision making which may become hugely detrimental to your well-being.

Trying to keep up with the standards of your peers can cause financial pressure which is closely linked to finding other means of escape like alcoholism.

Without realising it, following the lead of your peers can very easily feed your addiction, causing further substance abuse.

How to handle peer pressure

One of the biggest ways to avoid peer pressure is to meet new people and have a variety of friends that you can choose to spend your time with.

Choose to spend time with people that you easily connect with, that make you feel good about yourself and encourage you to do things that will benefit you.

Let go of what people think of you and stop doing everything you can to impress other people. Real friends will be impressed with exactly who you are.

Learn to say “no” when you are not comfortable with something.

Become aware of the value exchange that takes place between you and friends. Choose friends who leave you feeling energised and nourished after your time with them.

Always stay true to your own personal values. Do not allow your peers to make you feel like what you stand for is not important.

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