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Choosing a South African rehab that cares

While making the decision to stop your substance abuse is the biggest milestone to recovery, it’s not the only choice you will have to make on your path to good health and better life.

Choosing a good rehab centre in South Africa may appear easier than it is.

It’s not as simple as you’re an addict, here is a rehab, there is your recovery.

There are a few more aspects that need to be considered if you want to achieve your end goal, a life of sobriety.

Holistic Addiction Treatment South Africa

Environmental Influences and Stresses

The concept of a rehab centre is to provide a safe, substance-free, stress-free environment where you are able to concentrate on your recovery under the guided supervision of qualified addiction counselors, doctors, nurses and psychologists.

Our rehab centre allows you to step away and concentrate on your recovery in the serene suburb of Chelsea, just a small step outside the town of Port Elizabeth.

In addition to the tranquil views and crisp fresh air, we provide an environment free from judgement, a safe space away from familiar temptations and stresses.

When attempting addiction recovery, you want to give yourself the best opportunity at a successfully breaking away from your alcohol addiction or drug addiction.

This is achieved by removing yourself from your ‘using’ environment, negative friends and possibly loved ones who may have an influence your addiction recovery.

By choosing our alcohol and drug rehab in South Africa, you will be entering a space of healing, one where you are supported every step of the way.

Personalised Addiction Treatment in South Africa

At Step Away, we believe that no addiction is the same as another, and therefore each client should have their own personal addiction treatment tailored to their circumstances.

In order to maintain that each client receives the optimal amount of individual care and treatment needed, we have chosen to limit the amount of clients we take on at a time.

Holistic Addiction Treatment in South Africa

Many rehabs in South Africa throw around the umbrella term ‘holistic addiction rehabilitation’ without understanding the terminology or fulfilling the claim.

At Step Away we offer true ‘holistic addiction rehabilitation’ which includes physical addiction treatment, cognitive/emotional addiction treatment, and spiritual addiction treatment.

Physical Addiction Treatment

This section of addiction treatment includes drug detoxification or alcohol detoxification or in many cases both, monitoring and treating withdrawal symptoms, and overall professional health and safety observations.

Emotional or Cognitive Addiction Treatment

Treating addiction involves far more than just treating the physical dependency, it entails treating the emotional addiction and developing coping mechanisms.

Often people start using drugs or excessively drinking in order to escape painful realities and past worries.

Successful ‘holistic recovery’ allows the for these issues to be dealt with in a safe environment under the guided supervision of addiction counsellors and psychologists.

We provide individual addiction counselling as well as group addiction counselling and psycho-educational therapy, all of which are vital to the addiction recovery process.

Spiritual Addiction Treatment

Using spiritual healing in addiction is not limited to a set of religious beliefs, it refers to a much broader concept of self-worth.

Addiction causes people to lose touch with themselves and what is important to them, spiritual healing entails learning about yourself, and reconnecting and restoring the relationship you have with yourself again.

Addiction Recovery and Aftercare Rehab in South Africa

Addiction treatment requires each of the above areas to be addressed as well as effective rehab aftercare in order to maintain sobriety after discharge.

The changeover from an inpatient addiction treatment programme to living and dealing with daily stresses again must be efficiently addressed in order to prevent addiction relapse.

At Step Away, from the moment you enroll in our treatment programme we begin to prepare you for the days following your successful completion of our rehabilitation programme.

Step Away Treatment Centre

Your life is the result of the choices you make, if you don’t like your life it is time to start making better choices.

For more information, please contact us.

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