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CAT Drug Addiction and Recovery South Africa

Cat drug addiction, or addiction in general, doesn’t often begin as addiction.

For a lot of us, it began with friends at parties, through experimentation or peer pressure.

At first, it’s fun and exciting; but then taking drugs becomes more regular, the amount of drugs increases a little more each time and before you know it, you are taking drugs every weekend and you’ve developed a drug habit.

CAT drug addiction recovery treatment centre South Africa

CAT Drug Addiction

You may have started off with taking a pill or two at parties, then maybe a line (or two) of Cocaine, but then things got expensive and you opted for Cocaine’s cheaper ‘equivalent’, CAT.

CAT comes in excessive amounts (usually a rock the size of a R5 coin) and at a fraction of the cost of Cocaine (prices range from R100 – R200).

Having such large amounts of the drug without having to pay out as much, means usage occurs more often and for much longer hours (usually referred to as a CAT binge).

As CAT addiction progresses, weekend usage typically turns into weekday usage, affecting everyday responsibilities such as work and relationships with loved ones.

Ups & Downs of CAT Addiction

When CAT addiction begins to affect your life in negative ways, the user begins to withdraw from the things that stand in the way of your addiction.

Relationships with non-users begin to become unmanageable, often leading to friendships ending and romantic relationships falling apart.

The long-term usage of CAT effects the user both psychologically and physically. Gradually, the personality of the user changes, moods fluctuate and weight-loss (some cases weight-gain) occurs.

Moral issues the user once had, no longer seem to be issues – often leading to users stealing from or lying to loved ones.

CAT Addiction – A dangerous psychological game

CAT addiction has the ability to suck the joy and life out everything it comes into contact with.

The problem is, CAT addiction never actually seems that bad to the user. Things may be a bit unmanageable but never enough to prove to themselves that they have a problem.

Having a drug addiction and being functional makes it easy to carry on using.

When users do finally stop using, the empty feeling they are left with and the person they have become often resemble nothing of the person they were before they began using.

CAT Drug Addiction Recovery

Coming to terms with the fact that you have a drug addiction is not an easy thing to do, it means that you have to make changes to your life that you may not agree with.

Nevertheless, after a few months of being sober, you will begin to notice a number of positive changes in your life.

Your moods will improve, your ability to handle stressful situations will increase and your interactions with people will become easier. These are just a few of the positive changes you will experience.

Certainly, there will be tough times ahead and turning to drug usage may seem like the choice you have to cope.

However, no ‘high’ is worth ruining your life for, and no drug rehabilitation is too hard to accomplish.

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