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Treating Alcoholism at Step Away

At Step Away Treatment Centre we believe alcoholism to be defined as the excessive abuse or misuse of alcohol resulting in an unmanagable lifestyle.

Alcohol addiction can be identified by the following features such as alcohol withdrawal symptoms, craving for alcohol, increased tolerance for alcohol, dependence on alcohol and loss of control and the inability to limit alcohol intake.

It becomes difficult to predict how much alcohol one will consume at a party, leaving the door open for opportunities for alcohol abuse and the consequences that will follow.

People who struggle with alcohol dependency often ruin friendships, family relationships and careers in the pursuit of their excessive drinking.

Once there is a physical dependence for alcohol, people with alcohol problems can and do cross moral and ethical boundaries and make decisions based purely on their need for alcohol.

Alcoholism follows a clear progression from being an occasional drinker, to blackout drinking where alcohol becomes a need, and then a loss of control phase, until the drinking becomes chronic and alcohol a dominant part of the person's life.

At Step Away - Port Elizabeth - we believe that although there may be many reasons why a person develops a problem with alcohol, the fact remains that alcoholism treatment and rehabilitation can be effective at reversing the damage that alcoholism causes.

Alcohol treatment at Step Away Port Elizabeth will help recovery of you or your loved one every step of the way.

We also believe that no matter what stage the drinking problem may be found, treatment and rehabilitation can begin right then and there.

    Posted @ 11/3/2014 11:25 AM by jock   
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    Congrats :-)

    Posted @ 2/20/2014 7:28 AM by Wayne   
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    Very informative article, sadly alcohol misuse affects nearly every family in today's world, I find the stages you have pointed out very interesting. thank you

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